Diversity in Medical Schools Takes a Hit as Supreme Court Limits Affirmative Action

Supreme Court Strikes Down Affirmative Action in Medical School Admissions
  • The Supreme Court ruled on June 29, 2023 that race can no longer be a factor in admissions decisions at public medical schools.
  • The case, Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, was brought by a group of Asian-American students who argued that Harvard’s use of race in admissions was discriminatory.
  • The Supreme Court’s ruling is a major blow to efforts to diversify medical schools, which have long used race as a factor in admissions to help ensure that students from all backgrounds are represented in the medical profession.
  • The ruling is also likely to have a ripple effect on other institutions that use race in admissions, such as law schools and universities.
  • The Supreme Court’s ruling was 6-3, with the conservative justices in the majority.
  • The dissenting justices, all liberals, argued that the ruling would make it more difficult for students from underrepresented groups to gain admission to medical school.
  • Harvard argued that it used race as a factor in admissions in order to create a diverse student body that would be more representative of the population it serves.
  • The Students for Fair Admissions argued that Harvard’s use of race was discriminatory and that it gave an unfair advantage to Asian-American applicants.

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