There are many celebrities nowadays who are popular on the social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, but there is only one Instagram King and his name is Dan Bilzerian – an American multi-millionaire who is popular thanks to his fancy parties and extra expensive cars. However, Dan Bilzerian worked, or let’s say played hard to become so popular.

Everybody is familiar with the Instagram King – an American multi-millionaire named Dan Bilzerian who enjoys hosting wild parties has many expensive and extraordinary hobbies and a lot of money. But, what actually does Dan Bilzerian professionally in order to become one of the richest men on Earth?
Same as his brother, Adam, Dan Bilzerian is a professional poker player. His career as a Poker Pro was not always so successful and it had its own ups and downs, but Dan never gave up. The American multi-millionaire started playing poker during college and he saw a good opportunity in this profession to earn a lot of money – and he did. In the beginning, he had to face several failures and unsuccessful attempts and had to lose his money also.

However, the 39- years old Dan Bilzerian went to Las Vegas and earned a fortune. And then decided to take a break and to live like a true millionaire. From wild parties, extra expensive sports cars, finest champagne, VIP clubs to private jets and yachts – Dan Bilzerian showed the world that poker is a game that can truly make you rich. And he continues to play poker while spending his money on fabulous world tours and expensive destinations around the world.

The popularity of the Instagram King grows every single day – social media love to publish his photos and to attract even more fans and followers and Dan Bilzerian enjoys his famous fabulous life and his status of an Instagram King.

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